6. Using the Audio/Information Screen


3D Mode

This mode displays a bird’s eye view of your car.

  1. Engine water temperature / oil temperature / oil pressure / MT gear position / engine intake temperature / atmospheric pressure
  2. 3D mode / G-Meter mode
  3. Drive mode (press drive mode selector switch to change mode)
    Display changes according to mode.
    See your Owner’s Manual for details.
  4. Swipe to display Data Log screen.

Visual display of G-Meter
+R mode

Data Log

This screen displays options to start data logging.

  1. Auto / Manual mode
    In manual mode, record laps by pressing [HangUp/Back] button on your steering wheel.
    (see "Manually Measuring Data Log Lap Time")
  2. Selected location
  3. Tap “Start” to begin data logging.

Logging mode

This screen is displayed once logging has begun.

  1. Engine water temperature
  2. Engine oil temperature
  3. Engine oil pressure
  4. Best lap
  5. Current lap
  6. Previous 3 laps
    Time difference with best lap is displayed.
  7. Total session time
  8. Tap “Stop” to end logging.

Manually Measuring Data Log Lap Time

Press the [HangUp/Back] button on your steering wheel to set current location as the start point. By pressing the [HangUp/Back] button again each time you pass the start point, the lap time is recorded and displayed on the audio/information screen. To end manual measurement, tap “Stop” on the audio/information screen.