7. Using Auto Score (Smartphone)

Auto Score Screen

Logged sessions are stored on the smartphone app.

  1. Tap to display recent score details.
  2. Tap to display score by category.
  3. Tap to display previous scores.
    a. Session start / end times
    b. Session distance
  4. Tap to display details on Data Log screen.
  5. Tap to change location and other settings.
  6. Tap to display calendar view.

  1. Tap to return to previous screen.
  2. Currently selected date.
  3. Date with logged data.
  4. Log details for selected date.

  1. Map view / Satellite view
  2. Category scores

Tap each category to display more details.

Acceleration score
Deceleration score
Turning score
Straight line driving score
Overall score combining all categories

* For more details on scoring, see commentary.

Auto Score Category Scores Screen

(* Acceleration category screen shown here)

Tap the “Play” icon at the bottom of the screen to play the car’s log for your session.

Once started, your session is played back on this screen.

  1. Tap to display commentary
  2. Map of path driven
  3. Car behavior: bird’s eye view and speed meter
  1. Continuity / accuracy Score MAP
  2. G-force graph (0.5G not indicated on screen)
  1. Driver operation graphs: brake pressure / steering angle / clutch pedal position / accelerator pedal position / gear position
  2. Car behavior graphs: Longitudinal G / longitudinal fluctuation / lateral G / lateral fluctuation
  1. Previous / Next scenes
  2. You can select other scenes to be displayed.
  3. "Play" icon