10. Limitations and Notes on Use

  1. Data Log Lap Time measurement automatically stops under the following conditions:
    1. The number of laps exceeds 99 laps.
    2. Measurement time exceeds 99:59.9.
    Once Lap Time measurement has automatically stopped, the next screen will be displayed after 2-3 seconds.

  2. Data Log Lap Time cannot be measured under the following conditions:
    1. The start point has not been crossed yet (IN lap).
    2. The end point has been crossed, but the “Stop” has not been pressed yet (OUT lap).
    3. No GPS signal when crossing the start / end point.

  3. When manually measuring Data Log Lap Times, if the GPS signal is lost (due to tunnels, etc,), the last point before losing the signal and the first point after regaining the signal will be connected by a straight line.

  4. Auto Score uses Honda’s algorithms to calculate scores for each category. The algorithms recognize each scene as follows:
    • Acceleration: Straight-line acceleration while upshifting (including 1st→2nd→3rd gears)
    • Deceleration: Straight-line deceleration while braking (from 20km/h or faster)
    • Turning: Turning by steering wheel operation only (20km/h or faster)
    • Combined: Deceleration → Turning → Acceleration (20km/h or faster)
    • Straight: Straight-line cruising without gear shift operations (50km/h or faster)

Notes on Use
  • Smartphone overheating may prevent Honda LogR from functioning correctly.