9. Using the Settings Screen

Tap the “Settings” icon at the bottom-right of the screen to change Honda LogR settings.
  1. Tap to display Data Log settings screen.
  2. Tap to change measurement units.
  3. Display commentary on Honda’s views of good driving.
  4. Display Honda LogR walkthrough tutorial.
  5. Transfer log data to new smartphone.
    1. On your current smartphone, select Log Management > Export to export data logs within your smartphone or to cloud storage.
    2. On your new smartphone, open the log data file (ending with .hondalogr). This will automatically launch the Honda LogR app.
  6. Display Terms of Use.
  7. Display License Information.

Data Log Settings screen

Switch LAP measurement mode between Auto and Manual.
Register new locations or edit saved locations.
See 4. Registering Locations.